Welcome to my Love/Hate relationship with Golf

God I suck at this game. It is so freaking frustrating, yet at the same time, I cannot stay away.  Just when I have played my worst 17 holes ever, I end up birding the 18th, having a few beers at the 19th, and I think to myself, “if I can play every hole like my last one, I could be pretty good. ” 

I thought for sure I would give it up this year, but I was foolish enough to put my kids in a golf camp. What was I thinking? Now they are getting hooked… What have I done to them? Now they want to get out and play, which has sucked me back into the sport. So after playing twice all year, I am leaping back in full board. This time around, I am taking lessons and setting goals of playing and practicing once a week. I do not need my 10 year to start kicking my ass. I am a 23.7 handicap, so can’t I get any worse. 

 I am sure you are as frustrated with the game as I am, but this time around it is different.  I will keep you updated with my pain, agony, and thrills.  I would also love to hear about yours.  Often times I think, there is no way somebody can suck worse than I.

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